Reviews by Clients

Randy Baker is AMAZING! After my first session, I knew that I had finally found the right therapist to relieve my almost daily headaches and constant neck, shoulder, and sciatic pain. Randy expertly and effectively used an array of therapeutic techniques, such as myofacial release and deep tissue massage, to find and heal my ancient wounds.
I am retired and have been on an exhaustive 25-year search to relieve my debilitating headaches/pains. I’ve been to countless specialists, including several neurologists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and orthopedic surgeons. I have traveled to doctors in Minnesota, Ohio, and Florida’s in my quest to relieve my pain. All with no success. Needless to say, I felt like I had left no stone unturned. I was at my whits end when I discovered Suwanee’s best kept secret—i.e. RANDY BAKER.
I believe the key to Randy’s genius is that not only does he possess the in-depth knowledge and skills necessary to heal, he also employs an intuitive approach to resolving long-standing muscular-skeletal problems. He is so good at finding the precise trigger point(s) to relieve my headaches/pains. Randy is a great listener and was able to translate my explanation of my aches/pains into an effective therapeutic plan of action.
However, my review would not be complete without also mentioning that Randy is just an all around great guy.

Julie & Ron Schneiberg

Mr. Randy Baker is an excellent masseuse and healer. His techniques are very effective and feel phenomenal. Randy has an intuitive feel for massage and he is very friendly.
Personally, he has helped me level my hips, my shoulders are far less tense, and I am more flexible! Thank you so much, Randy!

Cori Schneiberg Dubay

Randy is awesome! A huge improvement to my quality of life. It’s a huge relief to feel capable and active after being benched from my favorite activities.
I’ve had neck, back, and shoulder pain for years and have found myself increasingly injury prone over the past years. I sought Randy out after reading about Myofascial Release. I had great results after only two sessions. I feel like huge bands of tension have been released.
I’m moving freely without the neck, back, and shoulder problems that I had become accustomed to.

Michael Sparks

Randy is by far the best massage therapist I have ever gone to. He was able to get the muscles causing a forward rounded shoulder to fully release in only two sessions. He knows his stuff and is very kind and professional as well. Highly recommended!

Lynn Cameron

Randy knows his stuff very well. He will listen to understand what your needs are and will work on a treatment plan with you. I highly recommend him! He takes his time and I always feel comfortable. I leave feeling much better.

Stacy Swaim

Randy is amazing!! He is very professional and knowledgeable. He took the time to listen and explain things in a way that I could understand. Highly recommend!!

Pam Wolf

I suffered a car accident a few years ago and no amount of physical therapy has really resolved my issues. Randy came into my life as a savior. He is a very intuitive healer who guides you into releasing not just the knots and tensions within your body but transports you into a space of calmness and stillness. I wasn’t even aware I had misaligned hips until Randy pointed it out to me.. and how working on an aspect I never even aware of, corrected my issue greatly. My conversations with Randy were so wonderful as well. Learnt so much about Myofascia. You can clearly see that Randy is in this profession because it is his life purpose to help people suffering from chronic pain like me. He goes above and beyond to help you with your issues. I highly recommend Randy to anyone who is looking for an answer to their chronic pain

Mitchelle Matharu

My arms, calves and lower back were killing me. My wife had been trying to get me to see him for months. I finally caved. That was a great decision. I tell you it was awesome for me. I didn’t know about myofascial release. I just heard about it through my wife and I’m hooked.

Lorenzo Hill

Randy changed my life. I never knew what it was like to be out of pain until I met him. He has treated me for five years and I would trust him with any pain or injury. He is very skilled in different therapies, such as myofascial, trigger point, and stretching, using whatever will relive your pain the best. He’s great at going deep and getting to the root cause of consistent chronic pain and providing relief, allowing me to function and think better pain-free. I have interstitial cystitis, and Randy used Mayan massage to help with I.C symptoms and pelvic floor pain. He has even done lymphatic drainage on my stomach before and my stomach bloating went away.

Tiffany K

Very very knowledgeable.. If your in pain this is your place.. Have been going to Randy several years which helps because now he knows where my problem areas are.. It is great to be pain free after a visit.

Chuck Showers

I had back pain from sitting at a desk all day. Randy is literally the best. All the pain left and my posture improved greatly. Highly recommend.

Jo'V JoVenTosh

Randy goes above & beyond when it comes to helping his clients. He is dedicated to alleviating their pain & fixing their problems. I limped for a year after spraining my ankle & my myofasical sessions with him helped me walk normally again. He is truly a miracle worker!

Leah Lynch

I was introduced to myofascial massage about 2 years ago. The relief from pain that I experience daily due to suffering from an autoimmunce disorder is worth sharing about. There are trigger points, muscles, ligaments etc that are effected by this disorder that have become almost dibilitating some days, however, I have found that the myofascial and massage therapy that I receive from my sessions with Randy allow me to go about my daily schedule. Otherwise, I would be prone to staying in bed and experience pain that is unnecessary with the treatment plan we have laid out for me. I will admit, going into it I was a little uncomfortable and thought it wasn’t something I would receive no benefits from. How wrong I was! I have told many that if the treatment they are receiving isn’t working through their massage therapy or doctors, it would be worth their time to try Myofascial therapy. I have gone to massage therapist and none have been able to do what Randy has been able to do to my body and overall health in a session. So if you are skeptical like I was, don’t be! It has been a life-changing experience for my health and daily life emotionally, physically and spiritually. My recommendation would be 1)Make an appointment 2) Be open to the treatment plan laid out for you 3) Allow yourself time and try to free your mind of other things, and allow the treatment to make you a BETTER YOU! You will not look back! After being without treatment for about a year, I recently realized that it was the plan that we had developed for me that allowed me to experience life to the fulliest and be all I want to be as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and employee. Don’t speculate. If you are looking for something to free you from pain, and cannot do it alone, make the phone call and get started today.

Lori Nease

I started going to Myofascial Atlanta about 2 weeks ago. I’ve had chronic neck and shoulder pain for years. I’m sure that my anxiety, stress and computer use have created the tightness that led to this. So far, I’ve had 2 sessions with Randy Baker. Never could have imagined that I’d be noticing a difference so soon.

Randy is professional, friendly, caring and knowledgeable. He is very calming and really listens to you so that he can help you in the right places.

I’ve had intermittent hip pain for the past year but didn’t mention it to Randy. It’s just something I didn’t think about because I was so focused on my neck. The way our tissue is connected helped Randy notice this and now my hip feels amazing.

I know that I have a long way to go before I’m 100% but I’m excited to see how I’ll progress after each massage. Imagine a life with little to no pain? It’s hard to do but I see that it’s possible now. I definitely recommend Randy at Myofacial Atlanta.

Jenni Bolte

Randy saved me! I have known Randy for over thirty years now, while working in the nuclear industry. It wasn’t until recently that I realized he had other abilities that would change my life. After having a minor accident, I was having nightly pain in my shoulder, neck, and two fingers on my right hand. My first attempt was anything I could find in the local pharmacy that had the possibility of relief and none of that helped except for minor relief for a few hours. Next, I conferred with my doctor who then prescribed muscle relaxers and steroids, again no relief. My doctor referred me to another doctor that found I had two vertebrae fused together, probably since birth and said the nerves from that area would explain my issues through my right arm. That doctor then referred me to a pain specialist, I wasn’t able to get in to see him for almost two months. During this time is when I conferred with Randy. Almost immediately after studying my posture and alignment, Randy said he thought he could help me. At this time I couldn’t sleep more than four hours a night due to the pain, so I asked Randy if he would take me on as a patient. He explained how the fascia was related to my issues and proceeded with his treatment. Slowly and methodically he treated me for an hour and a half. That night I slept pain free the entire night. I still had some slight tingling in my two fingers which after two more treatments totally subsided. By the time I was supposed to see the pain specialist, he was no longer needed. That doctor did talk to me and told me to keep doing what I was doing with Randy, as he was also familiar with myofascial release. This was long winded but, Randy definitely deserves all of these accolades. Randy, I can’t thank you enough.

jeff kmetz

Randy Baker truly has gifted hands. I’ve suffered with chronic pain for about 8 years. I’ve tried chiropractic, physical therapy, numerous massage therapists, acupuncture, pain injections and more. None of these modalities did much for me and I was told I’d need surgery. That changed when I began therapy with Randy 5 years ago. The level of pain relief is amazing after a session with him and it lasts for weeks and sometimes months. It has improved my mobility and I even sleep better. It’s the best drug free therapy with no side effects.


I’ve been seeing Randy for over a year now… I have had nothing but awesome results, Randy is a great and caring person and is very knowledgeable about the body and all of the techniques he uses.. I leave the session relax and pain free every time! Thanks Randy!?


Randy did a great job and his attention to details while addressing my concerns on muscle and joint pain was excellent. He actually provided stretcching methods and exercises that I can do at home. I plan to see him again and recommend Randy to anyone.


After one session with Randy, I was able to sleep through the night with no back pain for the first time in years. Also, after having chronic headaches for months, my headache from TMJ was gone. I feel like a new person!


This gentleman is the best therapist that I have ever visited, and I have seen many therapists. He truly helped to heal my body and release the pain that I had felt for a while. He’s very passionate about what he does and extremely informative as he walks you through certain steps. This man has found his gifting and truly has a talent.


I had an awesome experience with Randy as my therapist. He is very knowledgeable and efficient with myofascial release techniques. He is a compassionate person, who takes his time to listen to your needs. I highly recommend him and will use his services again.


One of the best massages I have ever had. I was in a lot pain. Randy went out of his way to make me an appointment as soon as possible to help me. Randy is a wonderful therapist. He even taught me exercises to help stretch my muscles and help with my Chronic pain. Was a wonderful experience!!


Randy is much more than a massage therapist. I’ve been to numerous physical therapists with less results than I received today. He worked out the kinks in one visit and he gave great tips to prevent it from recurring. Will definitely return.


The session experience with therapist Randy was great! He was very knowledgeable and extended himself with giving additional information on the physical issues I’m dealing with. He genuinely cares about the wellbeing of people and goes the extra mile to help in anyway he can. I highly recommend Randy to everyone who wants a relaxing experience or need myofascial therapy. Randy gets an A plus in my book! 🙂


Randy did a great job and had a great sense of humor! He also gave some tips on how to get rid of pain in specific areas.


Randy put me at ease right away He is a well trained professional I am feeling relaxed and pain free after only one session!


June 2023

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